Authentic African
Black Soap


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What is an authentic
African Black Soap?


Renowned for its extraordinary benefits for the skin & hair.


Made of ONLY from 2 to 5 locally - harvested ingredients: pot ash, shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil and honey.


A traditional soap recipe originating from West Africa.


Free from fragrances, dyes or any other additives.

Our Authentic African
Black Soaps

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African Black Soap – also known as ose dudu – originates from West Africa. Its foundation is attributed to the Yoruba communities in Nigeria, Benin and Togo who in the pre-colonial period specialized in small trade. It was a recipe passed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation, born out of a genuine need for a hygiene product that would kill skin odors. Working with the natural ingredients at hand, the black soap soon became a handcrafted solution for bathing and cleansing.

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Why it’s so good?

Our soap is both natural and organic. It is essential to make a differentiation between the two and understand why both of these aspects are so important:

Our soap is natural.

We feature 100% natural ingredients while our product doesn’t contain any artificial additives, fragrances or dyes.

Our soap is organic.

We feature 100% organic ingredients that come from local farmers and plantations.

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